#naturallyglutenfree macaron ice cream sandwich? Yes, please! #glutenfree #glutenfreenyc #macaron #teal #summer #summerinnyc #broadwaybites #glutenfreesoitmustbegoodforyou (at Broadway Bites)

Mahi Mahi Banh Mi with Spicy Curried Mayo + Fried Eggs
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Too powerful not to reblog… For all those people who have faught, or are still fighting. Who got through it, or who didn’t. Reblog it for them.
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Taren Guy
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Healthy eating!
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this is so dang cute. we need more fathers like this 

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A breakfast fruit platter of Mango, Golden Kiwi, Apple and Blueberries. Orchids are abundant around our house now after my mother’s recent house party and it’s lovely to see the different colours of the beautiful little flowers as they seem to be in eternal bloom. In other news: my instagram @redefiningfood (follow it!), the last of the mangoes from the tail end of mango season, and the beginning of a new apple chapter in the life of this fruitarian. 
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